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Dog Training Problems

Socialization is a process of getting your dog accustomed to various people, objects, animals and situations without becoming fearful or aggressive.
It is providing the opportunity for your dog to familiarize herself with these things in a non-demanding situation. Let her learn from her own experience that other people, dogs, objects, etc. are not threatening. Allow your pet to approach, investigate and even retreat if she wants to, at her own pace .Many people make the mistake of trying to sooth their pet when it acts frightened. If your pet hides under a chair when the vacuum cleaner comes out and you verbally reassure her, she may interpret this as reward for her fearful behavior. On the other hand, if you laugh and giggle when she charges at it and attacks, you are also encouraging and rewarding aggressive behavior. Many pets become fearful or aggressive because their owners have unintentionally trained them to be that way.

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